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andrew miller
andrew miller
Love the products I've been feeding joy for about 6 years now and my dogs don't want anything else! Quality feed at a good price thanks again
Adam Farnham
Adam Farnham
Joy Dog Food is the best food, immune support, and fuel you can feed you dogs. I’ve had beagles for years, and fed everything from Purina to Diamond. After numerous times finding spoiled food, mold, large amounts of crumbs or just inconsistent kibble…..I made the switch to Joy. My only complaint is I should have switched YEARS AGO. My dogs look and feel amazing. Coats are shiny and smooth. No more supplements for fish oil!! They have consistent energy all day long, and did I mention they LOVE the flavor of it! I have 2 females that have always been picky eaters..not anymore. They have it gone before I feed the rest of the kennel. Thank you everyone at Joy Dog Food!
LaTosha Hibler
LaTosha Hibler
After being introduced to Joy dog food, I have found that my Labrador’s are having increased energy, decreased Gastrointestinal issues and a beautiful coat. We use with our puppies up to adult dogs. Would recommend to any breeder or pet owner. Hibler Labs.
Lee Cook
Lee Cook
Raised beagles 45 years grandfather started me using joy years ago stool always hard coats shiny and soft highly recommend the 24/20 for working dogs keep up the good work joy
Andy Bedgood
Andy Bedgood
Feed mostly the 24-20 High Energy with excellent results.
Bobbi Six
Bobbi Six
We have fed Joy exclusively since 1982 and never had a problem. Many times we were given samples of other foods, including Iams, Eukanuba and Purina. Several dogs would dump the bowls and try to bury it. Not Joy! The special meal is great year round for any age dog, puppies to the elderly. We don't mess with success. Thank you Joy!
Larry Owens
Larry Owens
Best Dog & Cat feed produced ! My dad & I we're multi - state Distributors of their excellent, Top Quality feeds for over 16 years. I couldn't nor would I recommend ANY feed over Joy Dog FOOD products!!!
Melvis Smith
Melvis Smith
Chip and everyone that we have dealt with at joy is great people. And it’s a great food
Chris Maguire
Chris Maguire
Pro plan got to be too expensive. I tried Diamond 33/22 and my hounds were gassy. All three of my hounds adapted quickly to Joy Super Meal 30/20. No gas or loose stool. I like 30/20 when we're hunting 4 to 7 nights a week to help keep weight on them.
Bill Vesia
Bill Vesia
I have been running bird dogs for 40 plus years. Joys 30/20 and puppy 32/18 are some of the best feeds I have used. Very very easy to put weight on after weeks of running and great value ..thank you
Joy - hounds outdoors in the water smiling
Joy Dog Food: The energy level, gleaming coats, and overall health of our foxhounds has improved and we’ve gotten great compliments from friends and neighbors who see us out on mounted hound exercises and walking out. Joy has a customer for life!
Joy - Yellow Lab looking around outdoors
We Feed Joy proudly and have seen a difference!
– Swampland Game Calls
close up of happy smiling dog

It is arguably the best dog food for healthy and high-energy dogs.

cute jack russell dog working on laptop at home. Technology concept

Joy really cares about their customers and that means a lot. They have my support 100% and I am happy to feed Joy Dog Food!

weimaraner dog outside

We have a nearly 3-year-old Weimaraner and changed his food to Joy High Energy Dog Food about 4 months ago. The change has been nothing short of amazing!

huskey playing inside home

I just mixed Joy with my dog’s food and she ate around her old food to find the new! I’ve never seen anything like it. You definitely have a new customer.

mastiff dog breed outside

Our mastiff was having issues and started to get hot spots which resulted in her digging at them and losing patches of her hair. We switched to Joy to see if it would help. After a little over a month, I can honestly say it has. I’m not the get on the hype kind of guy but if I see it work with my own eyes then I’m a believer. I have seen this feed work for my dog!

testimonial Nancy and Nic

Loki and Nora have been fed Joy Puppy Food since the day we brought them home. They absolutely love it. Nancy Skovgaard, Customer

Drew Dogs logo

We recommend it to all of our new puppy homes!! I would urge anyone to give it a try. Melissa Drew, Owner,

whtie dog smiling in the grass

Made in America with limited but quality ingredients. All of the important things I look for. Yvonne, Customer

sad dog laying of hardwood floor

Best food for our German Shepard he has turned around from being over weight to being a good looking and feeling good. Robin, Customer

girl smiling next to her dog in the woods

Joy customer service is awesome and I will be a Joy dog food customer for life.

dog smiling in field

Sydney will be on Joy forever!!!

Joy Dog Food
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You want to know what’s in actually in the food that you’re giving your dog. Knowledge is power. Your pet is important to you. The content of their food is, too.