August Joy All Star: Scott Engle

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Our August Joy All Star, Scott Engle is a familiar name.  He’s had some of the top stud dogs to ever breathe, and his competition career is marked by huge win after huge win.  From his Grandpa’s back and hunting with folks like Clay Stephens and Eli Broughton,  to his first dog at the age of 8, and on to dabbling in his first competition hunts by 15, it looked like Scott’s hunting Journey was pretty typical.  Start hunting with a friend or family member, get a dog, and pleasure hunt for a few years until a person decides to take a chance at a hunt, typical right?  Maybe, but what isn’t typical is where Scott went from there.  

pro sport champion

Scott Engle went from that 15-year-old kid at his first hunt, to a CHKC World Champion, UKC World Champion, Pro Sport 100k winner, and PKC 100k winner, winning nearly every other style and type of event a handler can win along the way.  His impressive handling career is only overshadowed by his success along with his partners in the production of fine Treeing Walker Coonhounds.  Starting with Mojo and on down the line three generations to Scott’s favorite dog, UKC WCH and Pro Race Winner Mojos Electric Rodeo, this line of dogs has competed and done well at every level and continues to be one of the most popular strain of Walkers around today.  This is no surprise as Scott says that:

“My favorite aspect of the sport is raising and training young dogs, I have tried to better the breed with each generation of the mojo strain.”

Joy All Star

You would think that winning major events as a handler, and having a successful line of dogs that were spread all over the nation would be enough for Mr. Engle, but no.  Let’s add a kennel club as well!  With help from Greg Maynard, and Levi Stephenson, the trio launched Pro Sport.  An organization that has held some of the best events in the country and has garnered a huge following and great success since its inception.  

Scott is not satisfied with all of this success, and will continue to strive for both big wins and better dogs for years to come.  When asked about the future of the sport that he has dedicated so much of his time to, Scott told me he is happy with where it is headed, and that in this country.

“These are trying times, the hunters will come together, and there will be no place better to be than the woods.”