Bad Foods For Dogs

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With the holidays approaching, pet owners may become more susceptible to give food to whimpering dogs under the dinner table. However, resisting the urge to share your home-cooked meals might just save your dog’s health. There are many human foods commonly known as toxins for dogs, but some aren’t as clear. We’ve put together a list of unhealthy foods for dogs that you should steer clear of this season:


Alcoholic beverages can cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing and many more serious health issues for your dog. Dogs should never be given any alcohol. However, if ingestion does occur, contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center immediately.


Next on the list is a holiday favorite – chocolate. I know you want your dog to enjoy your Christmas desserts, but their bodies cannot handle it. Methylxanthines, a substance found in cacao seeds, can cause panting, excessive panting, abnormal heart rhythm and more.


Also, any type of fruit is a no go. The citric acid found in citrus plants and essential oils can cause central nervous system depression if consumed by dogs. Small doses may not seem outwardly harmful, but still, cause an upset stomach and prevent proper digestion.

Grapes and Raisins

Despite falling into the fruit category, grapes and raisins need their own section because of how severe ingestion can be for your pet. Although the toxic substance found inside of grapes is unknown, this fruit can cause kidney failure.


Not all nuts are toxic to dogs, but some are. If ingested, nuts can block the esophagus or tear the windpipe. Even worse, some nuts can increase water retention which is potentially fatal to some dogs. So, the safest bet is to avoid nuts altogether.


While bread isn’t going to poison your dog, it doesn’t benefit them in any way either. Bread doesn’t offer any nutritional value and can increase your dog’s calorie and carbohydrate intake. Obesity is a common issue among dogs. Feed your dog our Joy Ultimate Chicken & Rice Dog Food to ensure they receive the proper nutrients without excess weight gain.


In moderation, dairy products like cheese or milk can be a yummy treat for your pup. However, if a dog is lactose-intolerant, their ability to digest these foods is weak. Be mindful of the signs and symptoms and stick to small portions of dairy if any.

Salty Foods

Snack foods containing a lot of salt might be the most common table food fed to dogs. While dropping a couple of potato chips might seem harmless, this can be troublesome for some pups. Too much salt can lead to excessive thirst and urination or sodium ion poisoning.

You don’t have to feel bad for withholding human food from your furry friend. When you feed your dog Joy, you can be confident that they’re receiving a balanced diet while also enjoying the taste. We use only the finest ingredients in our nutrient-dense and delicious formulas. Shop our collection on Amazon now: link