Buying a Hunting Dog for Christmas

Nothing compares to the serene outdoors and companionship of a loyal dog by your side. Having a dog with you while hunting can make things easier and more effective. A well-trained hunting dog can also help you track prey in rough terrains. When you’re hunting with a dog, the chances of tracking down your prey are a lot higher due to their heightened sense of smell– there isn’t much they can’t track! 

Are you sold on getting a hunting dog? If you are; here are a few kennels that are expecting puppies near the holiday season:

Swift Rock Kennels

Owned and operated by Bryan Camper; Swift Rock Kennels specializes in training and breeding bird dogs in Walnut, IL. Bryan has two decades of experience training all breeds of gun dogs, however, pointers are his specialty. He has had two dogs named Copper and Smitty that have been his pride and joy that have given him many litters of great pups. Copper is a 3-time champion and Smitty is a 1-time champion in the National Shoot to Retrieve Field Trial Circuit

These award-winning traits are passed down to Cooper and Smitty’s offspring so you can trust that any dog from Swift Rock Kennel is going to be a great hunting partner! Visit their site for more information on puppies, contact information, and location!

Swift Rock Kennel on Joy Puppy Food

Tuff-E-Nuff Kennel

Owned and operated by Will Messer; Tuff-E-Nuff Kennel trains and breeds beagles at their location in Marshall County, KY. As a young adult, Will handled and trained hounds primarily for squirrel hunting or raccoon hunting. These days, he focuses on field trials and rabbit hunting. 

Will has always had a champion dog, which hasn’t changed this time around with his beagles. His top dog, PayDay is a Field Champion and has sired many litters who carry on his award-winning qualities. If you are interested in learning more about these top-of-the-line beagles, visit their Facebook page, or give them a call at 270-556-9349.

beagle puppy

Cross Creek Kennel

Cross Creek Kennel, located in Jamestown, NC, is owned and operated by Jeremy Stephens who trains and breeds coonhounds. Cross Creek Kennel has several national UKC champion dogs that they breed to make fine litters that carry their parents’ champion qualities

Unlike the two kennels above, Cross Creek Kennel will not have puppies available until the spring. However, we promise you that these pups are worth the wait. If you would like to learn more about this kennel, visit their Facebook page or call 336-470-8162.

coonhound puppy

One thing that makes these kennels reliable, besides their long lists of championship dogs, is the high-quality dog food they feed them. They each feed their dogs and puppies Joy Dog Food. Start your new hunting dog on the right track – feed them our Joy Puppy Food 32/18, made with real chicken and added B vitamins to help them thrive. Joy Puppy Food is formulated for palatability, and comes in at a whopping 515kcal/cup!