Chip Kohser KDKA Interview with Rob Pratte

Joy Dog Food salesman Chip Kohser sat down with Rob Pratte from KDKA News Radio in Pittsburg to talk about the history of his family’s business, Joy Dog Food. Joy was founded in 1945 by Chip’s grandfather Russ Kohser. Their family has been selling dog food for three generations. In 2003, Chip Kohser Sr, Chip’s father, sold Joy Dog Food to various private investment firms for almost a decade. 

Luckily, Wade Graskewicz was able to buy Joy in 2012 and revive the brand. To this day, Joy Dog Food has never had a recall. Using top-shelf ingredients in fixed formulas, every bag of Joy you buy is going to be a consistent quality. Selling to small feed stores instead of big box stores, Joy has always been able to maintain a community of hunter and working dog owners. While the family isn’t the same, Joy still remains a family-run business.

As Chip mentions, other pet food companies use a least-cost formula to keep prices down, Joy uses a fixed formula instead to maintain a consistent quality and to make sure your dog won’t need to eat as much for the same amount of energy. Joy also uses superior ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health and pumpkin for easy digestion. With a history as long as Joy’s without any recalls, you know it’s a brand you can trust.

If you are interested in finding some Joy Dog Food near you, visit our website’s dealer locator or call (800) 245 – 4125 if you are interested in becoming a dealer. For more from KDKA check out their website here.