December Customer of the Month: West Plains Vet Supply

Customer of the Month 2021: West Plains Vet Supply (WPVS) Springfield started back in 1964 and was then owned by WPVS West Plains. They are a family-owned business with a little over 50 employees that have been there for many years. When they first started, they only distributed farm and vet supplies to their territories in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and part of Illinois. However, in 1990, they decided to distribute pet supplies as well. Just like their own company, they distribute brands that are family-owned and operated. That is one of the reasons that drew them to a partnership with Joy Dog Food.

Wade met with Darrell Bandy and Zane Mathews from WPVS Springfield about a month or so ago to talk about distributing Joy Dog Food. Just like Joy, they were family-owned, supported independent businesses, and most importantly prided themselves on their superior customer service. They have five trucks delivering feed and supplies to over 500 retailers ranging from grocery stores, pet stores, general stores – you name it, all throughout their region every week or every other week making sure each location gets their order on time. It was obvious that Joy Dog Food and WPVS would make a great team working together with the passion and drive they had for animals and supporting family-owned companies.

“We look forward to growing with Joy and we think Wade and the rest of the team are going to be great partners to work with.” – Darrel & Zane, owner

“We are really excited about the addition of West Plains Vet Supply Springfield and look forward to growing with them.” – Wade Graskewicz, owner

West Plains Vet Supply
West Plains Vet Supply

November Customer of the Month: New Bedford Feed and Supply

David, the owner of New Bedford Feed and Supply, and his brothers grew up 1/2 mile from New Bedford Feed and Supply. As small boys, they used to take corn there to get ground up for the dairy cows. In May of 2010, David started working for New Bedford Feed and Supply as a General Manager.

Then in 2015, he bought the business, which has since grown from just a little supply store to so much more. They have a mixing facility where they mix different types of feed such as horse, chicken, beef cow, dairy cow, sheep, goat, and turkey. They also have a ground delivery service up to one hundred-mile radius! They also ship FedEx and LTL Nationwide, offering local same-day express delivery service. Their main goal is to provide superior customer service and make sure each customer is satisfied when they receive an order or visit their store.

Times may have changed, but that hasn’t stopped David and Reuben from keeping up with the times and growing their business.

In addition to the feed mill, New Bedford Feed and Supply also has a store. In 2014, they were looking into expanding their pet supplies line. With their preexisting relationship with Joy Dog Food, the choice to carry our products was a natural fit. Since then, their relationship with Joy Dog Food has grown even more. The owners feed Joy to their dogs and they love it.

They are happy with the results; they are happy their dogs like the food. “Joy actually cares about the customers and their dogs and that is something that is hard to come by in today’s world. They are an independent family-owned company that takes care of their customers.” – Reuben Schlabach, Manager at New Bedford Feed and Supply

“David and Reuben started selling Joy about 5 years ago and since then, they have tripled their business in just the short amount of time they have been selling. They both do an excellent job at keeping Joy stocked and making sure everyone has Joy Dog Food. Since they first started they have tripled their business and we look forward to a bright future with New Bedfored Elevator in the years to come.” – Wade Graskewicz, owner

November Distributor

October Customer of the Month: Custom Feed Mill

Custom Feed Mill began as a bulk livestock feed distribution plant back in the 1950’s in Morganfield, KY. They supplied farmers from all over with food for pigs, cows, horses, and other farm animals. Then in 2015, they decided to start distributing bag feed as well as their bulk feed. Not long after, they decided to start carrying Joy Dog Food.

They have been distributing Joy for almost 5 years now and they have tripled their growth with Joy in just that amount of time. They distribute to Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri to small businesses, farms, and kennels. In this year alone, they predict their sales in Joy will have a 50-70% increase.

Amanda, the manager over the bag food distribution, said Ryan Rushing and Chip Kohser, our Joy Dog Food salesmen, were a huge hand in the growth. The salesmen would help Custom Feed Mill build relationships with potential customers. “The customer service between Ryan and Chip has always been amazing.

Really the whole company’s customer service has been great. Any time I have needed help you guys have been right there and that’s why we have grown so much” Amanda said. 

With all the growth on the bag food distribution side of the business, Custom Feed Mill has decided to add another location in Sturgis, KY just for bag food distribution.

“Custom Feed Mill and Amanda have been a great addition to our Joy distribution in the midwest region. Amanda always makes sure her customers have products in a timely manner. We look forward to even more growth in the future with Custom Feed Mill.” – Wade Graskewicz, owner

Custom Feed Mill
The original plant.

September Customer of the Month: Science Hill Milling

Science Hill Milling has been a staple to Science Hill, Kentucky since 1967. It was founded by Joe Dick and his wife helped him run the store. Then they passed it down to Jack and Danny; their sons. Now, Terry, Rodney, Tiffany, and Danny Joe now run the store as the third generation. At first, the Dick family started out small. They now have built their store to a one-shop stop for all farming needs

Science Hill Milling has recently taken on Joy Dog Food and since then, their dog food sales have grown exponentially. Their customers love it and Rodney even uses it with his dogs and has seen a huge improvement in his dogs’ overall health. 

Their customer base has recently shifted and not only are they selling to individuals, but to local businesses as well. Making Joy Dog Food easily accessible in the area! 

If you are in the Science Hill, KY area and are interested in selling Joy Dog Food or just buying it for your dog(s); visit them at 986 W. Hwy 635 Science Hill, KY 42553. You can also contact them by calling them at 606.423.2351 or sending them an email

“We are very excited to have Science Hill as a part of our Joy Dog Food family. They fill a hole in that area distributing Joy and we are thankful for their hard work in selling our products. Their salesman works very closely with our salesman, Ryan. We are excited to see what the future holds with this hard working team and look forward to working together in the years to come.” – Wade Graskewicz, CEO and owner of Joy Dog Food

Customer of the Month 2021 - Science Hill Milling
The newest building at Science Hill Milling Co.
Science Hill Mill Original
Outside of the original mill, still operating to this day.
Science Hill Mill Owners
Danny and Jack Dick holding photo of their parents, Joe and Iva.



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