December Customer of the Month: Adam Nesbitt | Rivah Time Beagles

Our December Customer of the Month and our final Customer of the Month for 2022 is Adam Nesbitt with Rivah Time Beagles, located in King William, VA. Adam has always been an avid outdoorsman and has ran hounds on and off throughout the years with friends; but never really got into it seriously until about six years ago. 

Six years ago, Adam decided to combine the two things he loved the most, his love for the outdoors, and his love for beagles. He had a 5-year-old beagle at the time that was a house dog, but he wanted to start raising beagles and training them to go rabbit hunting. The dog’s name was Sophie, and she was the motivation and inspiration behind his kennel, Rivah Time Beagles

Adam raises and trains beagles for rabbit hunting and occasionally goes to an AKC field trial, but he was never big into competing. He works full-time in construction so traveling state to state to chase trial after trial isn’t something he can do full-time. His favorite part about his kennel is simply raising the pups to that point where they finally understand all the training and it clicks for them; when they finally run a rabbit for the first time. 

Adam switched over his kennel to Joy Dog Food this past year when his previous brand was giving his dogs some issues. He and a buddy were conducting some research and a nutritionist in their area recommended Joy Dog Food. They decided to try it out and they were instantly impressed with the results.

“My dogs have never looked or performed as well as they have on Joy Dog Food. This is the best feed I have ever fed.” – Adam Nesbitt

If you are looking for a dealer near you, you can click here or call 800-245-4125!

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November Customer of the Month: Brian Cox with Moonshine Mafia Bullies

Brian Cox grew up surrounded by Pitbulls and coonhounds. He has always had a passion for working with dogs and animals. In 1995, Brian Cox bought his first black and tan Cox’s Lady Moonshine and won the NKC World Show in the female category. After that, he started training and breeding Black and Tans, producing several UKC and PKC state champions. 

During this time, Brian still had Pitbulls. When his last pitbull had died, he bought a purebred American Bulldog. This is when he decided to turn Moonshine Mafia Black and Tans into Moonshine Mafia Bullies. He got straight to work, getting championship show titles under his new bulldog’s belt, and then got into breeding. He wanted to produce a champion line of bullies. When asked what his greatest accomplishment was, he said:

To see the dogs I work with go to loving families that don’t treat them as a tool, but as a part of the family

Brian recently switched his dogs over to Joy Dog Food this past year when he had several dogs get sick from another brand of dog food. He started buying from Floyd Farm and Feed in Georgetown, IN. After Floyd Farm and Feed started carrying Joy, Ryan met with him and got him switched over. He has been highly impressed with the results on his dogs, noticing how they look better on the outside. He feeds his bulldogs Super Meal 30/20 and his mastiffs he breeds Maintenance Plus 22/12. Moonshine Mafia Bullies is located in Taswell, IN. If you are interested in a pup from them, please reach out here

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Moonshine Mafia Bullies

October Customer of the Month: Altamaha Canine Consulting LLC

October Customer of the Month is Jacob Weaver with Altamaha Canine Consulting LLC. Jacob had always been a big fan of animals; as he grew up on his granny and papa’s pig farm. His papa was an active bird hunter and had an English Pointer. Jacob remembers a picture hanging up in their living room of his grandfather and his pointer hunting. He too would go hunting but it wasn’t until high school that he got his very own dog, named Sid. That’s when it all started. 

Jacob’s passion for working dogs truly began in 2000 when his mother gifted him a golden retriever which he named Sid. They spent every day together, working together and training to be Georgia Emergency Management Agencies Certified Search and Rescue team. Those two traveled all over, searching for missing people in nearly every state. He served an extended tenure as the Vice President for Dogs South K-9 SAR Inc and was, at the time, the youngest K-9 Search Team licensed by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Offices of Homeland Security. His search dogs have been featured on episodes of Montel Williams, Nancy Grace, and News Networks across the country. Jacob served a term on the National Search Dog Alliance board, representing the Eastern Seaboard in the development of national certification for SAR dogs, and has certified dogs in accordance with not only their standards but as well as the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association. He is a former member of the Eastern States Working Dog Association as well as the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers and is a current member of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Jacob attended the US K-9 Academy in Miami, FL where he completed his instructor’s certification for dog training with specialties in detector dog work. While in Miami he assisted Miami-Dade County, US Marshals, DEA, and the City of Miami in training explosives detection and narcotics detection canines. During all this traveling, Jacob’s grandfather got sick and moved in with his family. That was when Jacob was able to see a different side of Sid and what more of his training taught him and how it helped his papa during his passing days. Once his papa passed, Jacob and Sid were on to the next big adventure. 

Although Jacob devoted most of his early career to working dogs, his love for companion animals never changed. Jacob spent 16 years working in the animal health field working with pets day in and day out, making sure that they would spend long happy lives with their fur parents. While in college, Jacob would teach weekend obedience classes to groups; which grew each year. He became known as “the dog guy” and people started calling him to ask questions daily about their dog at home. He knew that the community needed a place they could go to for these questions and he needed a bigger space for training. Group sessions were too small for the amount Jacob had grown, people wanted his help with their dogs and he was going to provide the best possible training he could. In 2007 he built a small inboard facility and began taking pets in for training. The response was huge and since that date, Altamaha Canine Consulting LLC has gone through approximately four renovations to accommodate more dogs. In the winter of 2018, the economy had picked up and more people than ever were reaching for ACC’s services. Jacob knew it was time to bring on an additional trainer and more services. The area was asking for a splash pool and with 40 acres attached to the kennel, he said “WHY NOT!!!”.  In July of 2020 Jacob took over ownership of The Pack Canine Studio on St Simons Island to expand into boarding, grooming, and daycare needs as well as to develop companion animal programs for people and pets with SSI.  

Jacob attributes his success to the growing need for society to respectfully interact with man’s best friend. He has received accomplishments from MOFA Global in canine reproduction as well as a licensed field judge for the Hunting Retriever Club of America. He has served as president of the Coastal Empire Hunting Retriever Club based out of Savannah Georgia, is the Founder of the Altamaha Retriever Club Inc., and is the President for Ducks Unlimited’s Altamaha Chapter. He has devoted every aspect of his life to dogs and the way they interact with humans. His goals are to continue to grow, learn and ensure everything done is to strengthen the human and animal bond. He now has his assistant Kylee Hughes that works alongside him serving dogs of the entire southeast with professional training and care and their owners with the utmost respect; holding the brand image to the highest standard. Jacob’s motto is to train every dog worthy enough to have a great big picture hanging from the living room wall- just like his papa’s; and that is a legacy Kylee and he has been able to carry on through Altamaha Canine Consulting LLC.

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August Customer of the Month: Six Mile Retrievers

Our August Customer of the Month is Josh Wall with Six Mile Retrievers LLC. Josh Wall has always enjoyed going duck hunting and bird hunting with his ol’ man. It was one of his favorite things to do in the fall. He was a teenager in high school when his dad introduced him to working with labrador retrievers and gun dogs while hunting. Since then, he always had a dog while going bird hunting.

The older Josh got, the more polished he wanted his dog to be. His first dog, Daisy, is.

 the one that started it all for him. Daisy is a black labrador retriever he started out hunting but then in 2017 he started training her for hunt tests and working her towards gaining titles and then eventually breeding her. This is when Six Mile Retrievers LLC officially started.

When Josh first started Six Mile Retrievers LLC, he was only doing it part time and was only working with about three to four dogs. He trained dogs for hunt tests, obedience, on and off leash, gun dog training, and upland training. He was still working at his full time job at a paper mill. When his clients started seeing the progress Josh made with their dogs, word of mouth started spreading about Josh’s business and he started getting busier and busier. It wasn’t long before Josh quit his job at the paper mill and started training and working with dogs full time. This was the ultimate goal and made Josh very happy. 

Josh not only was an avid bird hunter, but also an avid coon hunter. He had heard about Joy Dog Food from some of his coon hunting buddies he had hunted with; but it was not until he started working with our distributor Johnny Altman’s dog that he started feeding it. Johnny Altman introduced Josh to Joy Dog Food and got him to make the switch officially and once he did; he never went back. “Not only do my dogs do better on Joy and it’s better priced, but the customer service and support is outstanding. All the other dog food companies never showed me or any one else in the retriever community as much support as Joy has.” – Josh Wall. He now feeds all his dogs Joy High Energy 24/20 

If you are looking to have your dog trained for obedience, hunt tests, or you want to get a pup ready for this upcoming bird season or touch up on your gun dog’s training and you are located in Georgetown, SC reach out to Six Mile Retrievers LLC at (843) 543-2922 or on Facebook

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July Customer of the Month: JL Elite Feed and Seed Distribution

Jonathan and Lorie started their feedstore JL Elite Feed and Seed Distribution back in 2019 with one mission in mind: serve their community’s animals with the best quality feed and have the knowledge and research to back up why it’s the best. They were tired of big box stores carrying any and every product yet not having a true reason why they were carrying it besides to make money. Plus, none of the big box companies’ employees had any knowledge of the products they were selling. It was all about one thing – money. Jonathan and Lorie wanted to provide an alternative way to buy feed for your animals with confidence knowing you were feeding them the best food possible. 

When stocking their store, Jonathan and Lorie did extensive research on every brand and vendor to make sure they were top quality. When it came to dog food Jonathan and Lorie had issues finding a top quality product that was reasonably priced and also one that didn’t have a scroll of recalls. That’s until they looked into Joy Dog Food. Jonathan had fed his beagles years ago with Joy but didn’t realize it was back. When he saw that Joy has not only never had a recall but also uses top tier American ingredients in all their fixed formulas and provided great customer service and they were 100% transparent on all questions they had- it was obvious that this would be the dog food they carried- the only dog food they carried. “We only carry what we truly believe is the best. And when it comes to dog food- there’s only one option for us that’s qualified to be in our store and that’s Joy. Joy is the ONLY dog food in our eyes” – Lorie

Having only one option of dog food was not an easy start, but thanks to Joy, Jonathan and Lorie are extremely educated on every product and they were able to provide answers to their customers’ questions on the brand. “We have traveled up to an hour and a half to deliver Joy Dog Food to our customers. We promote it everywhere we go; because we truly believe in it that much and want our customers and their animals to have the best of the best” – Jonathan. Jonathan and Lorie promote Joy at every rodeo in their area and even host an expo once a year where Joy is the exclusive dog food sponsor. 

If you are interested in Joy Dog Food and are located in or near Marshville, NC– visit JL Elite Feed and Seed Distribution. They are not only a loyal Joy Dog Food dealer but also extremely knowledgeable about all our products and will be able to assist you in picking the right formula for your dog. They are open 9 am – 7 pm Mon- Fri except Wed & Sat when they are open 9 am – 5 pm.

JL Elite Joy Dog Food

June Customer of the Month: Hardy Hill Pointers

Matt Chapman is the owner of Hardy Hill Pointers and a certified Joy Dog Food Dealer. He trains, competes, hunts, and breeds German Shorthair Pointers in Dunbar, PA with the assistance of his wife Jesska Chapman. 

Since Matt was a young boy, he has been around bird dogs and upland game hunting thanks to his father. His father hunted with English Pointers and Brittanys and would sometimes participate in hunting competitions.

Matt really adored the GSP’s and hunting with them, so much that he wanted to start competing. Once he started to compete and found that he really enjoyed the bloodline his GSP’s had, he started breeding them, producing about 3 litters each year of premium quality bird dogs

Matt found out about Joy through a hunt when Chip Kohser, our regional sales manager, was giving winners bags of dog food. Matt had won that day and got to try it with his dogs. He was immediately impressed by how much better they looked; their coats much shinier. Then when he noticed their performance improving and how the stomach issues they had with previous brands were going away, he was hooked. Matt knew he had to incorporate this with his breeding program and make sure his customers were buying this food for their dogs too. 

Matt feeds his dogs Joy Super Meal 30/20 during competition and hunting season and the High Performance 26/18 during off-season. He feeds new puppies the Joy Puppy 32/18 and makes sure every person goes home with a sample of Joy Puppy Food

Matt has been beyond impressed with Joy Dog Food’s quality, not only in their food but customer service. Although he is a new dealer he is excited about his future and being a part of the Joy Dog Food Family.

To learn more about the products they carry, visit our product page. 

hardy hill pointers joy dog food

May Customer of the Month: Stock Market Country Store

Marilyn Crab and her husband, David Crab, the owners of Stock Market Country Store, have been in the feed business years before opening Stock Market. Marilyn’s grandfather owned a general store in Georgia in the 1950s which is when she was first introduced to Joy Dog Food.

She has known and loved the brand from the very beginning and is happy to have it in her store now. She is a third-generation feed store owner/ operator and a proud one at that. Her husband and she bought Stock Market Country Store roughly 20 years ago and they have grown tremendously since then. Despite their growth, they have stayed true to themselves and they are still exclusively a feed store

Stock Market Country Store is one of the top-selling pet stores in the nation. Her team of drivers, warehouse crew, and storefront employees consists of 24 people that help make their operation down in Conyers, GA run smoothly.

Stock Market Country Store also has an in-house trainer named Danny Lowrey and other working dog trainers/companies come in and give lessons and presentations to their customers.

Marty Griner with Brier Creek Southern Kennels has come in with his boykins and given presentations on obedience and nutrition multiple times. Marilyn and David Crab also have Iron Dog K9 International come in and give lessons with their German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Marilyn has a Belgian Malinois herself named Zaida. She’s Marilyn’s protection dog. 

Marilyn’s love of animals and passion for giving them and their owners the very best quality shows in her store.

“I will only carry high quality, American-made products. My customers deserve the very best and that’s what I will give them.”

– Marilyn Crabb.

Ryan Rushing is the salesman that helped Marilyn get Joy back in her store.

“I appreciate how much time and effort Ryan has put into making sure we are knowledgeable about the brand and training my employees on different products you guys carry.” – Marilyn Crabb. 

Visit the Stock Market Country Store any day of the week Monday through Saturday from 9 AM -8 PM and Sunday from 10 AM – 6 PM. Their address is 4479 GA HWY 20 SE Conyers, GA 30013. You can also call them at (770) 483-8620 for any questions.

To learn more about the products they carry, visit our product page. 

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April Customer of the Month: Tippy River Dog and Hunt Supply

Our Joy Customers of the Month are Jake Wyatt and Johnny Wadkins, owners of  Tippy River Dog and Hunt Supply.  Located in Rochester, Indiana, Tippy River opened up after a year and a half-long partnership in mid-July 2021. Jake and Johnny both grew up with a passion for hunting and fishing. They met through the coon hunting community, and the rest is history! 

Tippy River Dog and Hunt Supply is an outdoor shop that supplies an extensive selection of products for your dog, hunting, and fishing needs. They carry everything from boots to collars and bait & tackle to farm & pet feed

Due to their long-lasting love for coon hunting, Jake and Johnny make it a point to offer some of the leading products on the market. They have both been feeding the hounds and selling Joy Dog Food long before opening their business, and the support did not stop there. 

If you are in the Rochester, IN area and are interested in buying Joy Dog Food; visit Tippy River Dog and Hunt Supply at 430 Main Street Rochester, IN 46975. You can also contact them by calling them at 574.835.2751 or sending them an email

Are you ready to fuel your hunting dogs like Jake and Johnny? Find a dealer near you and see the results. 

Coonhunting Tippy River

March Customer of the Month: Cottonville Road Kennels

Our Joy Dog Food Customer Highlight of the month is Mike Greene, owner of Cottonville Road Kennels. Mike has been ordering pallets at a time from JL Elite Feed & Seed Distribution since November of last year. In all his years of raising and training beagles; he has never had a food as impressive as Joy Super Meal 30/20. “If you are going to train your dogs like athletes, you have to feed them like athletes” – Mike Greene

Mike comes from three generations of beaglers. Training and raising beagles has been his passion since he was a young boy watching his grandfather and father raise them. When Mike first got involved with breeding, he was doing it as a hobby. He then got more involved with competitions which led him to starting his business.

When Mike first got involved with competitions and field trials, he lost A LOT. However, after years of training and testing strategies, he finally figured out the right strategy to not only train the perfect winning dog- but to breed the perfect winning dog. After he figured out this strategy and started breeding the Branko bloodline- there was no stopping him and his group of dogs.

Throughout the years of trial and error, Mike tried many different brands of dog food. However, it wasn’t until he started feeding Joy when he started seeing maximum results in his beagles’ performance and stamina. “Never have I been able to run my dogs over 60 miles a week and they still look and perform as good as they did on the first day. That is, until I started feeding Joy”. He explained how he put his dogs to the true test and ran them as hard as he could Monday through Friday. Usually with any other feed, they would look and act “worn out”. However with Joy, they performed better than ever and were ready to train Friday. 

Cottonville Road Kennels is now home to several champion beagles. Hunters from all over the United States and even Canada come to buy beagles from Mike. He owes his success to his father Billy Greene, who was his role model for raising beagles; his wife for being so supportive of his passion; Joy Dog Food for being the fuel for his beagles; and God, for blessing them with opportunities and success. “Everyone likes to win, sure. But my greatest passion is seeing that pup that I helped deliver turn into a hard-working, high performing rabbit dog”. -Mike Greene

Are you ready to start seeing maximum results in your kennel? Find a dealer near you and start fueling your dogs like the champions they are.

Joy Customer Highlight
Cottonville Road Joy Customer Highlight

February Customer of the Month: West Plains Vest Supply 

West Plains Vet Supply, located in West Plains, MO, was founded in 1962 by Bill Lowe. Their primary focus at the time was to distribute products that catered to the farming industries. They distributed products for poultry, cattle, and swine to retailers throughout their region (Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri). Bill’s sons, Mike and Greg, continued his legacy and managed the company until 2018. That’s when John and Dixie Williams, along with Larry and Betty Hirsch, purchased the company. 

The vision for West Plains Vet Supply was, and continues to be, providing high-quality products and services that are essential to their customers’ success

While they had always distributed farm animal supplies, it wasn’t until 1990 that West Plains Vet Supply decided to start carrying pet supplies. Being animal lovers, they wanted to provide products that would benefit pet owners as well as farm owners. Since then, distributing pet products has been an important segment of their total business. 

WPVS is a wholesale distributor of pet food, pet supplies, animal health products, farm supplies, and lawn & garden products. They distribute to independent retailers and veterinarians throughout Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri with their own fleet of trucks. 

Their core value is to cater to independent retailers and veterinarians. They believe bigger isn’t always better and being a regional distributor allows them to be more responsive to their customers’ needs. Being a small business themselves, they understand the issues their customers face, and the constant battle with trying to compete with big-box stores. Their team is constantly there assisting their customers and providing them with products that help them better compete.

WPVS just started distributing Joy Dog Food this past fall. However, many of their retailers are already picking it up and adding it to their orders. As Joy Dog Food has the same values regarding small businesses as WPVS, we are excited about this partnership and getting the opportunity to help even more independent retailers compete with big box stores. 

“West Plains Vet Supply is a new distributor of ours covering the Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri region. They have been great to work with so far, and we look forward to growing with them” – Wade Graskewicz, Owner of Joy Dog Food

West Plains Vet Supply Logo

January Customer of the Month: Diamond MC Performance Horses

Angie and Jeremy Michaelis have trained and owned horses their whole lives; even before they knew each other, but it wasn’t until about five years ago the family came together and founded Diamond MC Performance Horses to professionally train and breed horses for a variety of tasks. There they train working cow horses, barrel racing horses, and they also breed and sell horses

This business is family-owned and operated. Their son Trey has worked for them since he was 16. He manages the horse barn which is where all the feed is stored.

The family ties in this business don’t end there, though. Angie’s stepfather helped found the company and was Jeremy’s business partner. His last name started with a “C” and Jeremy’s started with an “M”. This is where the MC in Diamond MC Performance Horses came from.

As the stepfather has stepped down from being an active partner, there have been some changes in the company. Over the past few years, they started selling horse feed along with the training and breeding they have done for years. Then, over the summer, they decided to branch out and start selling Joy Dog Food

Jeremy has always been a huge coon hunter. He had heard of Joy Dog Food in the past but wanted to try it again under new ownership. When he did, he was amazed by the results and how his hounds performed after eating Joy Dog Food. He knew that his friends and other dog owners in the community would love it just as much as he did. He contacted Wade to get set up as a distributor. Since then, Joy Dog Food went from being unknown in their area to the most requested dog food. They were selling it all over their area and everyone was loving it. They were coming back for more and more. Recently they have been picking up more kennels and this has made their sales skyrocket. People went from not knowing what Joy Dog Food was to asking for it wherever they went.

Diamond MC Performance Horses sells dog food 6 days a week to dealers and also individuals. They cover the northern part of Missouri and the southern part of Iowa. They distribute dog food and horse feed about 80-100 miles from their business.

Although most of their big accounts are kennels, they are looking to expand and would love to see more dealers in their area. Call  660.748.5844 to become a dealer today! 

“Diamond MC Performance Horses is a fairly new distributor with us. Jeremy and his wife Angie have been huge players in not only the horse training and breeding industry, but also in the coon hunting world, as well. We are so excited to have them on board with us as well as Jeremy’s brother Josh, who is one of our salesmen. We look forward to growing more and expanding awareness and the market for Joy Dog Food in the northern Missouri and Iowa region.” – Wade Graskewicz, Owner of Joy Dog Food

diamond mc performance horses business logo joy dog food distributor of the month january
diamond mc performance horses man riding horse joy dog food distributor of the month january



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