January Distributor of the Month: Diamond MC Performance Horses

Angie and Jeremy Michaelis have trained and owned horses their whole lives; even before they knew each other, but it wasn’t until about five years ago the family came together and founded Diamond MC Performance Horses to professionally train and breed horses for a variety of tasks. There they train working cow horses, barrel racing horses, and they also breed and sell horses

This business is family-owned and operated. Their son Trey has worked for them since he was 16. He manages the horse barn which is where all the feed is stored.

The family ties in this business don’t end there, though. Angie’s stepfather helped found the company and was Jeremy’s business partner. His last name started with a “C” and Jeremy’s started with an “M”. This is where the MC in Diamond MC Performance Horses came from.

As the stepfather has stepped down from being an active partner, there have been some changes in the company. Over the past few years, they started selling horse feed along with the training and breeding they have done for years. Then, over the summer, they decided to branch out and start selling Joy Dog Food

Jeremy has always been a huge coon hunter. He had heard of Joy Dog Food in the past but wanted to try it again under new ownership. When he did, he was amazed by the results and how his hounds performed after eating Joy Dog Food. He knew that his friends and other dog owners in the community would love it just as much as he did. He contacted Wade to get set up as a distributor. Since then, Joy Dog Food went from being unknown in their area to the most requested dog food. They were selling it all over their area and everyone was loving it. They were coming back for more and more. Recently they have been picking up more kennels and this has made their sales skyrocket. People went from not knowing what Joy Dog Food was to asking for it wherever they went.

Diamond MC Performance Horses sells dog food 6 days a week to dealers and also individuals. They cover the northern part of Missouri and the southern part of Iowa. They distribute dog food and horse feed about 80-100 miles from their business.

Although most of their big accounts are kennels, they are looking to expand and would love to see more dealers in their area. Call  660.748.5844 to become a dealer today! 

“Diamond MC Performance Horses is a fairly new distributor with us. Jeremy and his wife Angie have been huge players in not only the horse training and breeding industry, but also in the coon hunting world, as well. We are so excited to have them on board with us as well as Jeremy’s brother Josh, who is one of our salesmen. We look forward to growing more and expanding awareness and the market for Joy Dog Food in the northern Missouri and Iowa region.” – Wade Graskewicz, Owner of Joy Dog Food

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