Your Dog’s Diet – Raw vs. Kibble

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There are a lot of conversations surrounding the topic regarding raw vs. kibble diets. As you may already know, a dog’s diet is crucial to its development and health. When selecting a dog food there are many factors at hand. For example, it’s important to consider a dog’s age, breed, performance needs, current health, allergies and much more. We are going to explore the conversation deeper and discuss raw vs. kibble dog diets.

Kibble Diets

The tried a true feeding method, kibble has been recommended by vets for years. Most kibble recipes are formulated specifically to meet a canine’s nutritional needs. In addition to being formulated specifically for your dog’s health and performance, the USDA requires that specific ingredients are included. This ensures that your dog’s diet consists of the vitamins and minerals necessary for them to thrive. The American Kennel Club lists these ingredients as: protein sources such as beef, poultry, fish, and eggs; grains; cereals; and vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Feeding kibble is not only a healthy option for a dog’s diet, it also allows the owner to have control over selecting a feed based on the dog’s needs. For instance, if the goal is better performance on the hunting field or in shows, the owner can select a food that has the right balance of protein and fat. The entire Joy Performance line is formulated to provide results in performance without sacrificing the dog’s health. However, if the owner is choosing a food based on allergies, the dog’s diet would need to change. Specifically, choosing grain free food would be a great option. By feeding kibble, the owner is able to ensure that their dog is getting the right nutrients based on their overall needs.

Raw Diets

Unlike kibble, raw diets aren’t as specific when it comes to your dog’s diet needs. However, that is not to say that feeding raw doesn’t come with its perks. For example, owners who feed raw claim that it is great for their dog’s skin and coat as well as their overall energy levels. With that being said, there are also kibble products specifically formulated to address these needs. While there are people who stand by the decision to feed raw, veterinarians don’t usually recommend this way of feeding. It’s commonly known that there are health risks associated to feeding raw due to the lack of crucial nutrients and ingredients that a dog needs.

If an owner is contemplating the decision to feed raw, it is highly recommended that they speak with a veterinarian first.

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