Dogs in the Summertime: Tips for Keeping Them Cool

joy dog food keep your dog cool this summer

We are discussing dogs in the summertime and the risk of overheating. As the warm summer months are approaching, it’s important to ensure that your dog is staying cool and hydrated. When humans get too hot, our bodies produce sweat to release heat and cool our bodies down. Dogs on the other hand, don’t produce sweat. Dogs release body heat through panting, and often times that may not be enough to cool them down quickly. If you’re worried about your dog being in the heat, there are a variety of things you can do to prevent your pup from getting too hot.

Provide a Shady Spot

If you intend on spending some outside time with your pup this summer, it is extremely important that your dog has access to a shady spot. Whether you are in the comfort of your own yard or at the park, make sure your pup has a shady spot to lie down and take a break. Big trees that provide ample amounts of shade and umbrellas provide great spots for your dog to relax and cool down.

Give Them a Cool Place to Lie Down

When your dog gets too hot, he or she will likely be searching for a cool spot to lie down. If you have a room in your home with tiled or wood floor, open it up for your dog to relax in. Consider investing in a cool pad for your dog if you plan on being outdoors with them. Cool pads are easily transportable and provide your pooch with a cool spot to lie down while outside.

Keep Them Hydrated

Ensure that your dog has access to water throughout the day. Whether indoors or outdoors, you need to provide your dog with fresh, cold water at all times. If your dog drains the bowl, refill it! If you’re having issues keeping your dog hydrated while playing outside, there are a variety of interactive attachments for your outdoor hose that will get your dog drinking water and keep them entertained.

Refrain from Play on Hot Days          

As much fun as it is to take the dog out for your summer morning run, it’s important to avoid bringing them outside when it is excessively hot. Only take your dog outside when necessary on days that are too hot. This is important to avoid heat exhaustion and stroke. Some dogs are at greater risk than others. If you’re questioning whether it’s safe for your dog to go outside, consult your veterinarian first.

Know the Signs

Monitor your dog at all times. If your dog is overheating, they will likely have the following symptoms:

  • Excessive panting and/or drooling
  • Change in tongue or gum color
  • High body temperature (you can touch them and feel the heat)
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Showing weakness and acting disoriented
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive thirst

If you’re concerned that your dog is overheated, move them to a cool area and contact your veterinarian immediately.

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