February Customer of the Month: Jackson Outdoors

Jackson Outdoors is a new family-owned and operated business located in Marshville, NC. It is owned and operated by Robert Jackson, his wife Angela Jackson, and their son Luke Jackson. The idea of opening a hunting supplies store in the quaint town of Marshville originated after extensive shopping and research at various hunting supply stores throughout North Carolina. Engaging with store owners and inquiring about their years in business, the Jacksons consistently encountered responses indicating establishments that had been open for 30 years or more. This served as inspiration for them to take the leap and formulate a business plan for their very own outdoor store.

Luke Jackson, their son, played a crucial role not only in establishing the brick-and-mortar store but also in launching their online presence. Since opening in April 2023, Jackson Outdoors has experienced a steady influx of new and returning customers. Robert Jackson, driven by his lifelong passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors, instilled these values in his children from an early age.

In 2023, when the local feed store in Marshville closed, the owners approached Jackson Outdoors to supply Joy, ensuring their customers could still access it. The Jacksons agreed, and their decision has resulted in significant success with the food. Angela states, “Our customers say it cleared up their dogs’ allergies. One even mentioned that Joy helped relieve his dog’s eczema.” Angela has even started feeding her Poodles the Joy Special Meal.

The Jacksons are proud to serve the Marshville community and beyond, offering everything needed to enjoy the great outdoors, including apparel, fishing gear, hunting equipment, calls, and, of course, Joy Dog Food. Jackson Outdoors is open Thurs-Fri from 11 am to 5 pm and Sat from 8 am to 5 pm. For any inquiries, feel free to call at 704-327-4202.

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Jackson Outdoors and Joy Dog Food

January Customer of the Month: Triple J Farm and Fence

Columbia Farm Supply proudly stands as our final Joy Dog Food Customer of the Month for 2023. Owned and operated by Craig Teal and his partner Marcen Jeffiers, both individuals bring over 75 years of collective experience from previous farm and home retailing ventures to this enterprise.

Their vision for Columbia Farm Supply was to cultivate a warm, “mom and pop” atmosphere, ensuring not just high-quality products but also unparalleled customer service. Central to their mission was fostering a welcoming space where community members could freely inquire about their offerings. Despite being proprietors, Craig and Marcen often engage directly with customers and employees, actively involved in assisting on the floor.

Their inventory at Columbia Farm Supply spans a diverse array of items, encompassing home goods, apparel, farming equipment, hunting supplies, lawn and garden tools, animal feed, and more. It serves as a comprehensive destination for those seeking superior products coupled with exceptional customer care.

The emphasis on customer service and community involvement defines Columbia Farm Supply’s ethos. Annually, they organize a Horse Owner Workshop and host various smaller events, aiming not only to educate customers about their merchandise but also to impart knowledge on proper land and animal care. Their goal is to create a lasting positive impact and foster a welcoming environment simultaneously.

As an authorized dealer for Joy Dog Food, Columbia Farm Supply has been a steadfast supporter since its inception in 2001. Over the years, they have consistently stocked Joy Dog Food whenever available through their distributors.

To place an order for Joy Dog Food via Columbia Farm Supply for in-store pickup, please call 931-388-1200 or visit their store, open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, where you can explore their full range of products.

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Triple J Farm and Fence - Joy Dog Food
Triple J Farm and Fence Store Location

December Customer of the Month: Columbia Farm Supply

Triple J Farm and Fence is a new distributor of Joy Dog Food situated in Crofton, KY. Just like Joy Dog Food, Triple J is a family-owned company. Since 2017, it has been owned and operated by three brothers: Alvin Jr., Justin, and Gerald. With a dedicated team of professionals, Triple J is committed to turning your fencing aspirations into reality. They prioritize superior customer service and utilize high-quality materials, mirroring the values upheld by Joy Dog Food.


Apart from retailing Joy Dog Food, Triple J Fencing offers a diverse range of fences catering to various needs. Whether it’s for farm animals, yard privacy, outdoor pet enclosures, or sturdy chain links, Triple J has a solution. They specialize in crafting customized fences tailored to individual requirements and provide installation services.


Moreover, Triple J houses a farm store that stocks farm animal feed, hunting gear, household items, storage sheds, and play sets. Upon entering the store, customers are welcomed to a coffee shop offering a variety of delectable coffee and donuts. Committed to offering premium-quality products, Triple J aims to assist every visitor who steps through their doors.


Whether engaged in field installations or assisting customers in-store, Triple J’s team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, aiming to leave a lasting impression and foster a welcoming atmosphere. They frequently host giveaways and promotions, generously giving back to both their customers and the community.


Triple J distributes Joy Dog Food to towns within a roughly 50-mile radius of Crofton, KY. For inquiries regarding Joy Dog Food orders or fencing quotations, please contact them at 270-660-5006 or visit their website https://triplejfencingllc.com/contact-us/.

Customer Highlights - image  on https://joydogfood.com
Customer Highlights - image  on https://joydogfood.com

November Customer of the Month: Puppy Haven

Our JOY Customer of the Month goes to Stockdale’s! JOY Dog Food is a new product at Stockdale’s, and we are currently located in the Hixson, Selmer, and Oakland locations.

The first Stockdale’s store opened in June 2006 in Hixson, Tennessee, but the story of Stockdale’s begins much earlier. In 1945, farmers from across the state came together to form the Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC). Their goal was to ensure that individuals closely connected to the land and the local community would be the ones supplying goods to the people living, working, and growing in those communities. TFC was committed to the towns and rural areas they served, providing quality products backed by the experience gained through generations of farming families. Over time, the connection between local farmers and those communities waned, along with the focus on the land and community values that the local farmers sought to protect more than 70 years ago. To reestablish this connection, the Hixson Stockdale’s store opened, aiming to reconnect with the local farming community, both rural and increasingly urban, and to spread the same co-op values—sharing knowledge, products, and support with integrity—that TFC started with long ago.

Stockdale’s has seven locations across Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. They offer a vast supply of pet and equine products, premium clothing, and footwear for outdoor activities and leisure. They also carry equipment for hunting, camping, gardening, and farming, along with home goods and gifts, making them a perfect one-stop shop for all your holiday shopping needs!

Stockdale’s prioritizes engaging with the community and offering resources and expert guidance on their products. They frequently host seminars to inform customers and the community about popular topics related to animal care, lawn and garden, farm and agricultural assistance, and more. Stockdale’s is committed to providing their communities with the best local advice.

JOY Dog Food can now be found at Stockdale’s in Hixson, Selmer, and Oakland, TN. You can visit their website or call them at 800-609-9518.


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Stockdale's Oakland, TN
German Shepard Puppy Haven

October Customer of the Month: Puppy Haven

Our Customer of the Month goes to a new dealer and German Shepherd breeder of ours, Puppy Haven. Puppy Haven is owned and operated by Brain and Tammy Seitz and located in West Siloam Springs, OK where they also sell and ship Joy Dog Food. 

Brian grew up on a farm and has always had a love for animals. As a child, he often brought home critters of all sorts to his family’s farm. Brian loves the farm life and to this day lives on his family farm with his wife, Tammy. 

Around five years ago, he and his wife were diagnosed with cancer. Brian was diagnosed with esophagus cancer and his wife Tammy was diagnosed with breast cancer. In hopes of lifting his wife’s spirits, Brian bought 2 German Shepherds for sale from a local breeder and told his wife that they would breed them once they were in better health. This past year, they have officially started the process of breeding their German Shepherds, starting the Puppy Haven business selling dog supplies and puppies. Their female just had her first litter which came out to be 12 healthy puppies. 

During this process, Brian and Tammy wanted to make sure their dogs were both in the best health possible, starting with the core factor; what dog food they were feeding. Their vet recommended switching over to a Puppy Food formula after she got pregnant, however, when they checked the nutrient content of their previous brand’s puppy food weren’t impressed. They started researching other brands on the internet and stumbled upon Joy Dog Food’s YouTube page. They found multiple videos on the benefits Super Meal has for pregnant dogs and they decided to try it out. 

Once they switched over to Joy Dog Food Super Meal, Brian and Tammy instantly noticed their dogs’ loose stools become healthier. They loved the nutritional benefits of the dog food as well. They wanted to be able to offer this for their puppy customers and for those who live out in the country that do not have a Joy Dog Food Dealer near them. They now sell Joy Dog Food and deliver Joy Dog Food to those who live 30 miles away from West Siloam Springs. If you would like to place an order, you can contact them through Facebook! 


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Customer of the month Puppy Haven
German Shepard Puppy Haven
German Shepherd Joy Dog Food

August Customer of the Month: Nutters Kennels

Our Customer of the Month for August is Nutters Kennels in West Liberty, OH, owned and operated by Keith McNutt! Nutters Kennels is home to AKC registered red tick beagles and Labrador retrievers. They specialize in training and breeding gun dogs for customers all over the country. Keith established the kennel in 1991, but his passion for hunting dogs started long before then.

Keith began hunting with dogs when his dad and grandfather would take him coonhunting as a little boy. “Those two men are the reason for my success. They ignited my passion for working dogs,” Keith mentioned in an interview. His love for dogs continued to grow throughout high school, and he began duck hunting and goose hunting with some labs – his enthusiasm was unstoppable! After graduation, he ventured out west to experience the “wild west” and engage in lion hunting with a pack of hounds.

Upon returning home, Keith began raising beagles and hunting rabbits for enjoyment. He was introduced to Jeff Kerns, who introduced him to field trials and beagle competitions. Keith was immediately captivated and fell in love with the sport. “I cherished the sportsmanship in the club and the camaraderie among fellow beaglers,” he expressed.

During his time attending field trials, Keith was first introduced to JOY Dog Food. He would purchase bags from sales representatives at the trials and sometimes win them during competitions. “Even in those days, if you had a hunting dog, you fed JOY Dog Food – period,” Keith McNutt recalled. Regrettably, Joy became less accessible, leading him to switch to other dog food brands for a while. However, when it became available again years later, he knew he had to switch his dogs back to JOY Dog Food. “If you have a hardworking or hunting dog of any kind, there’s no better option than JOY Dog Food,” emphasized Keith McNutt.

If you’re interested in training or getting a puppy from Nutters Kennels, you can visit their Facebook page here. And if you want your gun dog to have the optimal fuel to keep them performing at their best throughout the season, click here!

Nutters Kennel and Joy Dog Food
Nutters Kennel and Joy Dog Food
Nutters Kennel and Joy Dog Food

July Customer of the Month: Weakley Farmer Co-Op

Our Dealer of the Month for July goes to Weakley Farmer Co-Op, a valued dealer with two locations in Martin and Greenfield, TN.

Established in 1945, just like Joy Dog Food, Weakley Farmer Co-Op first opened its doors in Greenfield, TN before expanding to Martin in 1950. The Martin store includes a Tire Shop that still provides essential auto services such as oil changes, tire rotations, applications, fuel delivery, and on-site farm tire assistance for local farmers.

In addition to their tire shop and auto services, Weakley offers a wide range of animal health and nutritional supplies for livestock and companions. Their knowledgeable staff includes several animal and livestock professionals, including a veterinarian who can provide expert advice on product selection.

Weakley Farmer Co-Op actively engages with their local communities by hosting educational events, offering tours for local high school students, supporting local schools’ agricultural clubs, and providing assistance to local farmers with crops and gas delivery when needed.

From farm essentials to automotive and commercial vehicle service, nutritional products for animals, including JOY Dog Food, as well as garden supplies and hunting equipment, Weakley Farmers Co-Op is your one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Fuel up on gas and JOY Dog Food at Weakley Farmer Co-Op today! Visit their store or call to inquire about their available stock.

330 Nash St, Martin, TN 38237 | (731) 587-9531

Weakley Farmer Co-Op with Joy Dog Food
Weakley Farmer Co-Op with Joy Dog Food
Weakley Farmer Co-Op with Joy Dog Food

June Customer of the Month: Deluxe Animal Health

Deluxe Animal Health is a privately owned pharmaceutical and animal supply company that is now carrying Joy Dog Food. Their mission is to provide essential products to livestock producers. Relationships with our partners in the industry allow us to offer producers the most effective solutions.

They deliver products to:
Feed stores
Hardware stores
Veterinarian offices

They offer an array of products for all animals. Whether it be livestock or pets; they have you covered! Some of the products they carry include (but are not limited to) feed, medicine/treatments, medical supplies, and minerals/ vitamins.

They attend and host events to inform their customers of their products and services, along with providing discounts and rebates on qualified products!

Deluxe Animal Health is able to provide Joy Dog Food to customers located in IA, Nebraska, South Dakota, Southwest Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. If you are a farm, kennel/ breeder, feed/hardware store, or veterinarian in any of these states and would like to purchase Joy Dog Food- contact Deluxe Animal Health! Their number is 712-324-7000 and their address is 109 North C St, Sheldon, IA 51201, US.

Joy dog food customer of the month Delux Animal Health
Delux Animal Health customer of the month for joy dog food
Deluxe Animal Health and Joy Dog Food Best Dog Food For Pets

May Customer of the Month: Champion Feed and Pet Supply

Champion Feed and Pet Supply began in 2005 as a joint venture. They offer a wide range of farm and pet supplies and feed, including Joy Dog Food. They also offer a variety of home goods, gardening supplies, and even apparel; a little something for everyone!

Their professional staff is on-site available to assist with: 

  • Nutritional advice and analysis
  • Loading bulk orders 
  • Customer support on products

Besides their professional, welcoming staff readily available to assist their customers at any time, they also host events with special guest speakers, along with discounts, door prizes, and giveaways! They host clinics and events often so follow their Facebook to see when their next event will be!

They also offer discounts on bulk orders and can put in special orders for products at no extra cost. Champion Feed also delivers to select customers- for more details on deliveries please call 740-369-3020.

Champion Feed and Pet Supply is a proud Joy Dog Food Dealer located at 2524 State Route 37 E Delaware, OH 43015. If you are interested in purchasing Joy from them today- give them a call! 740-369-3020.

Champion Feed and Pet Supply
Champion Feed and Pet Supply
Champion Feed and Pet Supply

April Customer of the Month: Conecuh Sausage

Conecuh Sausage is a family-owned and operated business outside of Evergreen, AL. When the business began back in 1947, they dedicated themselves to making high-quality meats. Although they have grown over the last 75 years, shipping their products nationwide to big retailers and chains their tradition continues. They hand-select each seasoning, ingredient, and smoke over a hickory fire to produce an outstanding flavor that stands out from all the rest; that’s the Conecuh Sausage way.

Conecuh Sausage has a gift shop in Evergreen, AL where they not only sell their outstanding meats but an array of premium bbq and outdoor accessories to keep the WHOLE family smiling this sunny springtime season – including your dog! They offer coolers, grills, hunting products, outdoor games, and of course, JOY Dog Food!

Stop by and shop their gift shop and sample some Conecuh Sausage Mon-Sat 7 am – 5 pm. Don’t forget to grab your dog a bag of JOY Dog Food (and maybe sneak them a sausage or two if they are being good).

Conecuh Sausage
Conecuh Sausage

March Customer of the Month: The Bicknell Bunch

Jay Bicknell has three sons and three daughters that he has raised out on his beautiful farm in Kentucky with his wife. Jay works at a wastewater treatment plant as a plant manager and spends all his free time training working dogs; mostly bird dogs and retrievers. To fully understand how Jay Bicknell and the Bicknell Bunch got to where they are today, we must go back to where it all started.

Jay bought his first dog in the 3rd grade from his neighbor for $175. It was a pointer named Jake (he would go on to name his first born son Jake) and he worked that dog all the time. Every chance Jay got he would be out in the fields hunting bobwhite quail with his dad and grandfather. His mother would always get on to him and tell him to keep the shell in his pocket until the dog was pointing at the bird. He had difficulty with the dog at first due to his age and small voice, however, his dad helped, and over time; Jake and Jay got into a pattern and flowed effortlessly. Jay also ran some hounds throughout high school, but his true love always lay with bird dogs. Jay always hunted with a dog by his side and never had the desire to hunt anything that didn’t include a dog next to him. 

After his college years when he got married, his wife wanted a dog of her own or a pet; she said wanted a lab. They had setters and pointers and she had wanted a pet for herself. This had struck a lightbulb moment in Jay’s head. He thought “why yes, we could get a lab and I could teach it to duck hunt with me”- it was genius. He found a breeder’s ad in the classifieds for some lab puppies in their area and he went and picked up a female not too long after his wife had made the comment. He named her Teal and they got to work on basic obedience and some retrieving. He went to a local library to see if they had any content on training and turns out they had some old VHS tapes on retriever training! He watched them over and over and worked with Teal repeatedly. Once she was older, he took her out to hunt tests and eventually it was time to take her duck hunting. Training Teal was the beginning of Jay’s passion for training dogs and truly working with them as a career. She set the bar for so many others and although she may have trained him at times, with every dog after it got better. 

Jay studied Wildlife Biology in college and worked as a Wildlife Biologist for years studying the conservation of bobwhite quail, however after having six children and training dogs, he decided to switch jobs to work for the water department instead and he is now working as the wastewater treatment plant manager. He did back away from training dogs for the public a little bit, however, he has now started back and is currently working with a Weimaraner to do horseback field trials and a labrador retriever to find water leaks at his water plant. He still studies bobwhite quail, however, it’s more of a hobby now. Besides his job at the water plant, he spends most of his time training dogs at his farm with his family. He creates content on the various types of dogs he trains over on his YouTube channel the Bicknell Bunch which you can watch and subscribe to by clicking here – Jay also has many retriever clinics and hunts coming up with some local charities that you may want to stay in touch with on his page! 

To fuel your dogs with Joy Dog Food; click here to find a dealer near you! Jay Bicknell and his crew all feed their dogs with Joy and they have noticed a dramatic difference in their coat and performance! The dogs are working harder than ever before and they look good too! Jay used to feed Joy years ago but his local feed store stopped carrying it so he switched to another brand. Once he noticed a local feed store pick it up again, he started feeding it again as he remembered it always being a great feed!

Bicknell Bunch Outdoors
Labrador Retriever Joy Dog
Hunting Dog Joy Dog Food

February Customer of the Month: Flatline Retrievers “Dead Bird” LLC

Our February Joy Customer of the Month is a new kennel of ours that has recently switched over to Joy Dog Food in the past several months. Flatline Retrievers “Dead Bird” LLC is a retriever kennel in Blytheville, AR owned by Matt Emerson. Matt has an assistant trainer Gary Holmes who helps with training. The two are dedicated to the dogs they work with and want the absolute best care for them; which is why they switched to Joy Dog Food.

“Our previous dog food we were feeding was not holding up anymore and they were starting to lose weight and we were noticing some real loose stools”

Matt explained when asked about why he made the switch.

“We went to our local feed store, Stromire’s Sales, and Julie, the owner, talked to us about Joy Dog Food and how great it was and how we would end up feeding less of it than the stuff we were feeding now. So we decided to try it out. We instantly noticed a difference in their weight and stools. The dogs look so much healthier now and they are performing better on Joy than the other brand. We are extremely happy.”

Matt has been an avid duck hunter since he was a teenager with a dog hunting by his side retrieving his ducks for him. However, when he was about 20 years old, the chief of police in his hometown was starting a K9 training program and needed an assistant. He wanted Matt to help him with this and taught Matt everything he needed to know about K9 obedience as well as retrieving. The next thing they knew; they were so busy they needed to split the program and Matt decided to take on the retriever program as he had a personal connection with the retrievers and gun dogs with his passion for duck hunting. He started small, with only 3 bays in his kennel, and slowly worked up to 25 bays. As time went on, Matt needed to hire an assistant which is where Gary came in. Gary has over 10 years of experience in training dogs. He has worked with his personal dogs and other people’s dogs. Although he is part-time at the kennel, he is committed to each dog and treats them as if they are his own, and looks forward to seeing their progress. 

Matt and Gary offer a variety of services. They offer gun dog training, basic obedience, deer shed/ recovery, advanced gun dog training, and a started dog program. They do some traveling for hunt tests with UKC and this year they will have two dogs up for Grand.

Flatline Retrievers has come a long way since the very beginning, they have been through some hard times and good times just like any other company over the past several years. Matt explained that there was a time that he had thought about walking away years ago:

“It was the support of my clients that kept me going, and I am happy that I did because we are now busier and better than ever before”.

The hard work you put into a business and the commitment and passion that you put into your work will always give back in the end. Joy Dog Food is proud to be fueling this crew of dogs and we look forward to growing with Flatline Retrievers and seeing them at the hunt tests here soon! Click here if you are interested in having your dog trained by Matt and Gary at Flatline Retrievers

Do you want to get your gun dog fueled by Joy? Click here to find a dealer near you!

Flatline Retrievers
Customer Highlights - image  on https://joydogfood.com

January Customer of the Month: Kevin Mathis | Go The Distance Mushing

Our January Customer of the Month is Kevin Mathis with Go The Distance Mushing from Monona, IA. Although Kevin did not grow up in the dog sledding community or have anyone in his family before him mush dogs; he has always had a competitive spirit. Kevin grew up
competing in bull riding in rodeos all across the country. He’s always loved the challenge and even more than that; he’s always loved animals and the outdoors. Now that Kevin has a family, he works hard on trying to instill the same values of a love for the outdoors and a good challenge in his children. His son picked up on these values, including his love for animals, especially those of the working kind. Kevin had come outside one day to find his son had tied up a sleigh to his golden retriever and heeler and was playing in the yard with them. He thought it was the funniest, yet sweetest thing; however, he didn’t want him to get hurt
so he got him a proper dog sled.

Lo and behold the retriever and heeler wanted nothing to do with leading a sled. So they got some dogs that would. Suddenly this becomes a fun hobby for Kevin, and he starts to enjoy it himself. He enjoyed the challenge of the sport itself and working with the dogs to create a unified team that would perform well enough to start competing in races. Of course, being in Iowa, they didn’t have much snow, so he had to improvise every now and then and put some wheels on his sled so he could train for the races they would have up north.

When Kevin started racing, it was never about winning trophies or money; it was more about the challenge with, not only a new sport entirely, but the challenge against Mother Nature. The dogs were bred to survive in this weather, they were bred to burn this much energy, but this was pushing it to the absolute limit for Kevin, and he loved every minute of it. This is Kevin’s 7th year of mushing and racing, he has competed in 3 races in Maine, Michigan, and Montana that were 300 miles each. He has done a few 100-mile races here and there. The big race he’s been working towards has been the Iditarod in Alaska which is 1,000 miles here in 3 years. All the races and puppies he’s having now are what’s preparing him for that big race.

Salesman Josh Michaelis, being an avid outdoorsman and working dog enthusiast himself, was eager to see the Go The Distance Mushing Kennel. He reached out to Kevin to set up a meeting and gave him a couple bags of Super Meal 30/20 to try out. Kevin switched his dogs over and he was happy with the results, and even more so with the customer service.

“The Super Meal is working great with the dogs, they look good and are performing good and I was extremely impressed to have a company reach out to me. I like that the distributor, Hall Roberts’ Son, Inc is local and it’s all very easy for me to get and is also helpful with customer service. There’s a lot of support with Joy Dog Food.” – Kevin Mathis, owner and founder of Go The Distance Mushing

If you are located in Iowa and wanting to become a Joy Dog Food Dealer, reach out to Hall Roberts’ Son, Inc at 563-864-7421

Go The Distance Mushing
Go The Distance Mushing
Go The Distance Mushing



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