February Joy All Star: Faithful Point Kennels

Explore the world of Faithful Point Kennels, a distinguished family-owned and operated kennel located in Boone, IA. Meet Maggie, Dave, Nick, and Hanna, a passionate team dedicated to the training and breeding of cutting-edge German Shorthair Pointers. Discover their commitment to bettering the breed and creating exceptional hunting dogs that seamlessly transition into cherished family companions.

Nick’s love for dogs began in his childhood, evolving into a passion for bird hunting inspired by his late step-father, Jim. A pivotal moment came with Nick’s acquisition of Auggie, the catalyst for Faithful Point Kennels and the renowned training program, Auggie’s Golden Point. Despite Auggie’s untimely passing, his legacy lives on in the kennel’s commitment to continuing the breed improvement and training legacy.

Nick and Dave, now training side by side, have cultivated a unique training program at Auggie’s Golden Point. Their approach extends beyond field excellence to include hands-on house training and obedience, ensuring that each dog becomes not only a skilled hunter but also a well-mannered family member. The personalized attention to each dog’s needs creates exceptional results and fosters enduring relationships with clients.

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Maggie’s breeding program, supported by Hanna, is a crucial aspect of Faithful Point Kennels. The individual needs of each dog are prioritized, with a dedicated puppy nursery ensuring a safe and caring environment for the newest additions. Hanna’s role in marketing and social media has been pivotal in showcasing the kennel’s dedication to quality, despite having only two litters a year.

Faithful Point Kennels goes above and beyond in their client-centric approach. Prospective puppy owners undergo a thorough approval process, and take-home day includes samples of puppy food, merchandise, accessories, and valuable resources for continued care and training. The kennel’s commitment to giving back is exemplified by an annual donation of a puppy’s entire purchase price to organizations like NAMI, JDRF, WATTS of Love, and more.

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The family’s transition to Joy Dog Food has led to noticeable improvements in their dogs’ appearance, performance, and overall health. Even picky eaters and dogs with sensitive stomachs thrive on Joy, showcasing its effectiveness in maintaining optimal weight and coat condition. The family’s endorsement speaks volumes about the quality of Joy Dog Food.

“God has blessed our family with the skill set to train and breed wonderful dogs so we want to do everything we can to pass that blessing forward and create long-lasting relationships with each of our clients” – Maggie Plahn