How To Feed Pregnant Dogs and Puppies

Every responsible breeder knows how crucial nutrition is to a dog that is to be bred. A dog in good health that is being fed a nutritious diet is a much better breeding candidate and less likely to face complications during pregnancy, whelping, or worse- neonatal puppy mortality. Proper care should begin long before the heat cycle even begins and continue past the dog’s pregnancy into lactation. However, let’s dig into the specifics of when your dog does get pregnant. What changes and what do we need to know about how to feed pregnant dogs and puppies? 

Before Whelping

Pregnant females should be switched from adult formulas to a more calorie-dense, nutrient-rich formula at 35 days gestation. This is when the puppies form into embryos and require more nutrition; which means momma will need more calories. Super Meal 30/20 is a calorie-dense formula that contains added vitamins and minerals that will help momma and puppies thrive. Plus added calcium will help with the whelping process.

After Pregnancy 

Once the puppies are born, keep momma on the calorie-dense formula that you had her on during her pregnancy. She will need the extra calories and nutrients to produce milk.  The Super Meal 30/20 has a pumpkin meal which is the main source of calcium and helps with lactating. Plus, the added B vitamins help momma thrive after giving birth.

Puppy Feed

Once puppies start to wean off their mothers and begin to eat puppy food, it is extremely important to pick food based on palatability. It’s important that they not only like the food but that they continue to enjoy it and are used to it when they go home with their new families. Our Puppy Food is a 32/18 was formulated for palatability, has 515 kcal /cup to assure your puppy will grow at a healthy rate, and has added B vitamins to help puppies thrive. It is the perfect combination to assure your puppy is starting off on the right track.

Whether you are a breeder that is getting ready for your dog’s first litter, or you are a new pet owner and taking home a new puppy you just got from a breeder; start your puppy off on the right track- feed them Joy Dog Food. Find a Dealer Near You or order off of Chewy.com! Now you know how you should feed your pregnant dogs and puppies!