Holidays with Dogs and Including Them in the Fun

Grey french bulldog sitting in a Santa hat on gifts wrapped in holiday paper.

Through all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, sometimes we can forget about our furry friends. Turns out, they desperately want to be a part of the festivities too! Sometimes the disrupted routines and busy schedules can cause strife between owners and their pets. Thankfully, we know a few tips and tricks that will make the holidays with dogs a little easier!

Know Your Dog

With holiday parties and gatherings approaching, it is important to know how your dog behaves in abnormal social settings. Do they have good manners? Can they control excessive barking? Oftentimes, these annoyances aren’t a result of your dog misbehaving but rather done out of fear. Make the proper arrangements beforehand to avoid frustration later.

Puppy-Proof the Place

If your family travels over the holidays, make sure the host is prepared for furry company. Intricate holiday décor or delicate belongings don’t mix well with guest dogs. Offer to help puppy-proof the home prior to bringing your dog inside.

Make Sure to Include Exercise Time

Dogs can get all riled up if not receiving the proper amount of exercise during the winter months. The closer the holidays become, the more we disregard the amount of time our dog is being played with or let outside. Not only does this risk the health of your dog but it can also cause disobedience because of the built-up energy.

Limit Table Food

With so many extra treats and goodies around, you may be tempted to give your dog more table food than usual. While the intent is harmless, many holiday foods are actually not safe for ingestion. Some foods can cause illness, an upset stomach, pancreatitis, or be toxic to your dog. Keep it safe and stick to our Joy Special Meal.

Prepare Homemade Holiday Treats

On the other hand, homemade dog treats are a safe alternative to delight your dog with during the holidays. The internet is flooded with tons of different recipes and ideas. With a little extra time off work, there has never been a better time to try one out. We recommend these gingerbread cookies!

Buy A Present for Your Dog Too

Last but not least, remember to pick up a new toy for your pup while holiday shopping! The gesture will make your dog feel special and loved. Don’t forget to wrap it too – dogs love a good challenge.

These simple, yet impactful steps can make a world of a difference when spending the holidays with dogs. We think you’ll find that they make the season filled with even more JOY too!