July Joy All Star: Hagan Lee

Our July Joy All Star Hagan Lee has always been an avid hunter and dog enthusiast. He’s grown up duck hunting and raising dogs of all breeds. But it wasn’t until 2007 his hobby of duck hunting and his love for dogs combined as one and Hollow Hills Kennels was born.

hollow hills kennels

Hagan’s aunt was running errands in town one day when she ran into Barbara Shear and her labrador pup in the back of her truck. She commented on how beautiful it looked and how her nephew was looking for a retriever to train and take hunting with him. Barbra told her that they were planning on having a litter soon and to reach out to them for the first pick. Hagan called and reserved his pick for the first chocolate male as that is what their kennel, ShearOaks Labradors, was commonly known for. When the day came for Hagan to finally pick up his new hunting companion, he thought he was going in for a chocolate male, but he was drawn to a big-headed, brown-eyed yellow lab. He chose him and named him Gus, his paper name was ShearOaks General Lee, and with the help and guidance of ShearOaks Labradors owners John and Barbara Shear, Hagan was on his way of training the dog that would be the start of Hollow Hills Kennels.

labrador retriever hunting retriever

Hagan began training Gus in his own backyard. They worked together every day to achieve their goals. It wasn’t long before Gus was competing and receiving titles. Before long he had his hunting retriever title for UKC, and two passes for his junior title for AKC. Gus was the one that started it all. He was the beginning of Hollow Hills Kennels

In 2017, Hagan bought his first female down in Mississippi – Hollow Hills Hammerin Foxie Roxie. Then a year later he bought his second female Hollow Hills Mississippi Queen. Everything he did with Gus, he did with the girls. He wanted them to be just as sharp as he was. Roxie has her senior title for AKC and her hunting retriever title for UKC. Missi has her hunting retriever title for UKC. They are both only 5 years old and they have had 2 litters each. Hagan just recently over the past two years got another lab named Nala (or Hollow Hills Pinned Ya’ Again) and she has her UKC started hunting retriever title. 

joy all star

Hagan got into breeding to make a little extra money to offset the price to compete with the dogs. However, he didn’t realize that he had the recipe for perfect puppies. When Hagan started advertising his puppies people would travel from all over the country to get a puppy from him. Hagan switched over to Joy Dog Food after experiencing some issues with a puppy with his last dog food. When he switched to Joy, he was amazed by the results.

“Joy is just as good as any other high-end brand, yet it’s more affordable. And most importantly, it’s never had any recalls”

Hagan Lee

Hagan has been feeding Joy to his dogs and puppies for the past two litters and he has not lost a single pup nor has he had a single complication.