Prep Your Gun Dog For Hunting Season

Whether you are training pointers, setters, or retrievers; it’s always good to prep your gun dog before bird season comes around so you both are ready to go hit the fields or the marsh when the weather drops.


joy dog food how to train your gun dog

Having a workout routine during the off-season is crucial to staying on top of your game and making sure that your dog doesn’t gain weight. Roading your dog with an ATV/UTV is a great way to make sure they get cardio in or if it’s hot out or you’re working with a retriever, make them retrieve in a lake or pond and have them go swimming for a low-intensity cardio workout. If you are just now getting in the motions, start slow and pick up the pace. 


train your gun dog

Work on behaviors you expect your dog to act in the field or in the blind. Work on obedience and standard hunting behaviors and commands each day in environments they are comfortable. Make sure they know their place in the ATV/ UTV, truck, boat, blind, etc., and that they know how to get out of those places if they need to retrieve a bird if they are a retrieving dog. 


Don’t make the mistake of switching up your dog’s diet in the off-season when you are still running them and training them. Fuel them with a nutritious, well-balanced meal that will help their muscles repair and keep their energy levels high so they can train all day long without getting tired. Our Super Meal 30/20 allows your dog to work all day and train without getting worn out while still looking their best. With 510 kcal/cup of usable, digestible calories; your dog will be sure to perform at its very best while you are feeding less and saving more. Find a Joy Dog Food Dealer Here.