Should You Feed Your Dog Differently During Off-Season

As most hunters know, the way you feed your dog can make or break your dog’s performance during hunting season. So it is crucial to stick to a strict dog food regimen during the hunting season and whilst they are training for hunting season. However, what about the off-season? Should you feed your dog differently during off-season? Does the importance of the nutritional value of the dog food you are feeding your hunting dog change? Should you be feeding them something else? Should your hunting dog be eating less?

Feeding Your Dog During Off-Season

Many think that since the dog is not as active during the long boring hunts that they aren’t in the field hunting that they need to change their feeding routine. However, think to yourself- would a professional athlete eat differently during their off-season? No. Why? Because the training never ends. Your hunting dog may not be burning quite as many calories per day as they are during hunting season- but they are still burning more calories than a typical house pet and they are still a high-performance dog. It’s important to still work your dog daily, running them through brush for an hour or two each day. In order to maintain their endurance and maintain their energy, they need a dog food formula that can keep up with their body’s high demands. 

Fuel Your Dog Like An Athlete

When you work with your dog and train them to do a job- you are making your dog a professional. It’s vital you feed your hunting dog like the professional athlete that you have trained them to be, year-round. Do not let them slack and lose their edge during the off-season. Continue to fuel them with the nutrition to fuel their body and mind to make them the best that they can be.

Joy Dog Food’s High Energy 24/20 is the best seller amongst the hunting community regardless of the time of year it is. Our fixed formula is fortified with minerals and vitamins to boost the immune system, glucosamine and chondroitin to reduce your dog’s pain and inflammation, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to improve your dog’s coat, added magnesium for fast muscle repair, pumpkin for easy digestion. High Energy 24/20 comes in at 505 kcal/cup.

Stop wondering ” should you should be feeding your dog differently during off-season.” Start feeding your hunting dog like a professional athlete all year. Find a dealer near you!

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