What to Do When Your Dog Isn’t Eating

what to do when your dog isn't eating
what to do when your dog isn’t eating

There is nothing more stressful and alarming than when your dog isn’t eating their food. A million questions go running through your mind. Are they sick? Are they anxious? Do they not like their food? It would be a lot easier if our pups could tell us what the problem is, but that just isn’t possible. Let’s talk about why your dog may not be eating and what you should do to fix that.

Your Dog is Feeling Sick

If your dog isn’t eating his food or isn’t eating as much, this could be a sign that your dog may be sick. Loss of appetite could mean a variety of things. Give your dog’s veterinarian a call and explain that your dog isn’t eating his or her food. They can provide you with expert advice and next steps.

Your Dog is Feeling Uneasy

If you and your dog have recently gone through a major life change, chances are your dog isn’t eating because they are feeling uneasy. Play with your dog. This will encourage them to feel more comfortable. Chances are when they start feeling better, they will start to eat again.

Your Dog is Getting Too Much Human Food

If your dog is getting fed human food, there’s a chance that this could be the reason for your dog’s sudden hunger strike. If you’re feeding your dog human food, take a break. Slow down on giving your dog table scraps and they will slowly start to eat the dog food available to them.

Your Dog Doesn’t Like the Food

There are various reasons as to why your dog may not like his or her current dog food. If your dog has loved their food in the past, check to make sure the dog food has not gone stale. If the expiration date has passed or the food doesn’t seem up to par, test out a new bag. There’s also the chance that your dog just doesn’t like the taste. It’s okay and often recommended by veterinarians to switch up your dog’s food… as long as you do it safely. Try out different flavors and varieties of dog food to see which your dog likes best.

It is important that you consult with a veterinarian if your dog is not eating. They will be able to rule out if your dog has an illness before you try other options.

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