Working Dog Care

While dogs are often thought of as man’s cuddly companions, there is a whole sector of dogs who are bred to be working dogs. From herding dogs to service dogs, working dogs assist humans in everyday jobs. Research has shown that we began utilizing working dogs in the field as early as 1916. And while technology continues to advance, we still find various uses for working dogs and consider them to be a crucial part of our workforce.

Unlike the average household pet, working dogs require specific nutrition, care and training to keep them healthy. With that said, owners have a big responsibility to ensure their working dog is provided with the right care to keep them performing on the field without compromising their health.

Working Dog Training

Training is crucial and is needed to make sure the dog performs when on the field. If you’re working with a pup who is set to be a working dog, it’s highly recommended that training beings early (12 to 16 weeks).


Start training by socializing your puppy. You can do this by taking them out in public around people. In addition to getting socialized with people, you will also want to get them socialized with other animals as well.

Brain Work

Throughout puppyhood and adulthood, it’s important that your dog keeps working their brain. For example, plenty of playtime, problem-solving toys and situations where your dog can make decisions are encouraged. This is known as enrichment and will help ensure your dog can make the right choice when faced with an obstacle.

Obedience is Key

And finally, the most common-sense training point, obedience. Depending on what role your dog has, their ability to listen can make or break a job. For example, if a police dog can’t discern the command of their handler, it could completely affect the outcome of a situation. Positive reinforcement and obedience training are a must when getting your working dog up to speed.

Nutrition & Exercise

Herding dogs, police dogs or just your hard-working dog in the field require specific nutrients to keep them healthy. If your dog is performing intense physical work (clearly more than the average household pet), vets and pet food specialists recommend a high protein, high calorie diet. Our performance line caters to working dogs. Each product is formulated specifically to meet the needs of a working dog diet.

Say No to Table Scraps

A working dog needs to be on a strict diet. While us humans like to indulge in a sweet treat here and there, your dog should not. As tempting as it may be to share your burger with your dog, you should refrain from doing this. That is not to say that you can’t give your dog appropriate treats. Working dogs require nutrients and their jobs demand a lot of energy from them and their body. They require healthy, nutritious diets… not pizza.

Whether you’ve been in the working dog world or are just getting start, Joy Dog Food is a name you should know. Our entire brand is built around the idea that dogs can thrive when provided with nutritious food. We’ve been in the business of working dog nutrition for many years and plan to be for many more to come. Get to know us and our mission.